Always the one to catch the blame
The lines from her smile remain the same
A mother’s love was not enough
When they broke her down for being too tough

Maybe in time, Love will define
Put it together they say, ‘She was mine’
‘Right…’  from her heart
Strong from the start, a woman who won’t go for ‘no’

‘Oh SHE…can be anything that She wants to be. She’s alive!’

Erupts the chorus of Crystal Starr’s anthemic ballad of female empowerment, ‘She’. Drawing inspiration from the strong women in her own life, as well as all women around the world and throughout time, Starr takes us on a journey through herstory, rather than history.

‘Oh SHE…She is powerful. Inspirational. Giver of Life!’

Over soaring melodies, Starr’s powerful vocals demand the listener’s attention, but she already has it and takes the opportunity to push us even harder towards excellence.

‘Oh SHE…they can’t stop her now, with their words of doubt. She is brave!’

Women around the world continue to face gender prejudice and discrimination on a daily basis, but it has not stopped us from making extraordinary strides in a historically short amount of time. In 2016 and for the first time ever, a woman is running for the highest office in the land in the United State of America, and the playing field has been altered once again. After pushing us to shrug off the doubters and the naysayers, Starr encourages us all to stand strong in the face of adversity. Together, we can overcome!

‘Oh SHE…She is powerful. Inspirational. Giver of Life!’

Oh yeah…and then there’s that whole thing about mankind ceasing to exist without us.

“For your past, for your future, for others… STAND.”  – Crystal Starr 

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