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When you think of some of the greatest festivals in history your first thought maybe of 1969’s Woodstock. Everyone from Jimi Hendricks to Janice Joplin played that stage that night and flocks of people toughed it out in the mud and rain to see their favorite artists perform that night. Well, we can say the same thing happened in Japan at the Fuji Rock Festival. Talk about Epic! This festival was the Disneyland of music and of all Festivals. All laid out in Mt Naeba mountains just a 3 hour drive from Tokyo. Mud, Projection Lighting, lit up Rivers and trees, to say this festival was magical is an understatement! There were 5 different stages with performers playing at every minute. Crystal was invited by Fuji Rocks legendary Big Willie to perform with his band and debut her single “Get Loose With it” to a crowd of screaming fans everyday of the festival performing a total of 4 times! On the last day she sung with Japanese legendary artist Tortoise closing out the show after The cure performed. Crystal shared stages that weekend with artists like SIA, Janelle Monae, Jason Moraz, Daniel Ceasar and more! Japanese fans toughed it out through a typhoon to see their favorite artists! What can we say, the show must go on! And we are here for it!

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